ViewMax Technology as a leading Graphic player in the OEM & ODM electronics, games application, graphic solution, we are glad to announce our goal is to meet the challenges of this new graphic enhancement age by addressing the ever changing needs of our customers. To achieve this goal, we have made global investments in Reach and Development and meeting the OEM & ODM global manufacturing and global network in order to fulfill our customer needs.

Our manufacturing plants are certified and awarded by ISO 9001 and All the products are built up to European Standard (CE) and we have developed an advance vertical integrated program that includes all aspects of our manufacturing operations to guarantee high quality, just on time and cost effectives in order to meet zero defective production.

ViewMax Technology implements very strict supplier management program and maintains close links with many major brand name components suppliers, enjoys stable and steady supply of critical components at all time. All incoming components are undergoing strictly quality control procedure before being release for use in the production.